FAIM FEU SANG, couverture


june, 2017

Hunger for drawing tirelessly.
Fire that livens up the hand, the eyes.
Blood that draws on the paper.

The title HUNGER FIRE BLOOD is taken from a poem by Tristan Tzara.
As the poet who used to create poems with words drawn from his hat, Chloé Poizat tries to draw with this very freedom; without any grammar, spelling or syntax barriers.
The artist has gathered in this book a hundred or so pieces of work, realized between 2008 and 2017, chosen among drawing books, loose sheets of paper, series-whether completed or still in progress- or some ‘lab’ drawings as she calls them. They show what underlies her whole work: disappearance, metamorphosis and illusion. They also mirror her taste for Outsider Art, spiritualist and automatic drawing.

> 14 x 19,5 cm
> 136 pages in colour
> 200 copies, digital printing
> isbn 978-2-919289-41-7

25,00 €